Roundtable Discussion: Components for Blended Training

  • 17 Nov 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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November 17, 2021

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Virtual Event

Roundtable Discussion:

Components of Blended Training 

Join us for an interactive forum to learn about the training modalities for a blended solution. Whether you do one or all, you'll hear real-life examples that will give you insight to implement your own strategy.

Opening Remarks

on Blended Training

presented by: 

Laurie Donnelly

Instructional Designer, Retooling the Workforce

Would you select a colleague’s lunch food? Probably not. Yet we select teaching modalities for learners instead of collaborating with them to identify options. Blended-learnings’ benefits of diversity, flexibility, and budget-friendliness have become well-known. Laurie will help you consider how to convert a garden variety blended-learning model into a blueprint for a customized model that is sure to inspire your creative solutions and empower your learners. 

Virtual Training 

presented by:

Jeff Potocki

Learning Specialist, Marsh McLennan

Were you thrust suddenly into the roles of virtual trainer, administrator, and producer because of COVID? Do you still have questions about designing virtual facilitation, training platforms, and doing more virtually with your LMS? If so, Jeff’s game-style roundtable will help you find answers.

XR Training

presented by:

Monique St. Paul

Instructional Designer, ContinuumXR

Are you still not sure what XR is? That's ok! Virtual and augmented reality don't need to remain a mystery. Come take a closer look into what these technologies are about and how they can help with skills-based and scenario-based training. In a world where social distancing doesn't seem to be going away, XR might be more of a reality for you than you think. Monique's roundtable will get you using the lingo with confidence.


Location: Online Zoom Meeting

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Date: Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm

Participant Registration: $15

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No refunds are granted within 48 hours of event.

Speaker Bios: 

Laurie Donnelly is an Instructional Designer at training firm Retooling the Workforce, Laurie Donnelly’s vision is to rebuild teaching and learning models to empower people to select a combination of resources that will increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Her signature model, to be presented during the discussion, has been a cornerstone for 20+ years of supporting key stakeholders from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 200 companies. Laurie earned a Master’s in Adult Learning Theory at the University of Louisville. 

Jeff Potocki is a Learning Specialist in the Marsh McLennan Talent Development Center of Excellence. He's an educational/learning technologist with experience in both academic and corporate environments. Working remotely full-time for 11 years at Mercer and now at Marsh McLennan, Jeff has acted as a training administrator, producer and facilitator. He is also a former chapter board member, starting and managing its learning technology community of practice. He lives in Fairfield county with his wife, Katie and son, Wesley.

Monique St. Paul works as an Instructional Designer, focusing on applying learning theory and game design to virtual reality training. She is the co-host of “Intersections in Learning and Development", a webcast hosted by the Training, Learning, and Development Community (TLDC). Monique's leadership, facilitation, and public speaking experiences help her craft engaging curriculum for her learners. Monique holds a Master’s degree in Communication Management with a concentration in Learning and Development from the University of Denver. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Roger Williams University.

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